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Dear future business partner,

A HOT, brand new product called the 'Secrets-of-Hypnosis-Exposed' is a step by step system that anybody can use to start making money online!

What You Will Be Paid & How

We use a well-respected company called PayZeno. Every sale goes through this company, it is already set up for  to receive 50% commission automatically.

They calculate all commissions and send out payments to you directly. By having this done by an independent third party it means you are not reliant on our word to send you your money - it's done automatically.

The selling price of the Secrets-of-Hypnosis-Exposed is $47.00.  We offer the bulk of the sales price to our affiliates - 50%.

After PayZeno take their fees you earn $21.45 per sale! 

Secrets-of-Hypnosis-Exposed is downloadable, full instructions and support are given at our site. This makes the whole system fully automated.

There is no inventory and all sales, ordering, delivery and affiliate commissions are dealt with electronically. There is no cost to you as an affiliate. 

Step #1: Get Your Affiliate Link

Your Affiliate Link Is:

Replace YOURUSERNAME with your PayZeno Username

If You Don't Have A PayZeno Nickname You Can Get One By Getting A PayZeno Account For Free By Clicking Here

After completing the PayZeno sign up page (which just takes a couple of minutes) come back to this page again.

Step #2: Start Promoting Your Link immediately To Start Earning Commissions As Fast As Possible!  

Here are few product graphics you can use to promote Secrets-of-Hypnosis-Exposed

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